RISK-FREE ORDER: Los Angeles City and New York City will become Wireless Extreme Gigabit cities between July and December, 2017 - with 85 additional cities following. Reserve the low price of $30 p/m now!

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Update May 5, 2017: the first test results at one of the many upcoming 10-Gigabit hubs are in. Click here for the pics. 

Update May 11, 2017: Angie and its technology consortium partners published a 5G document and press release.

Risk-free order 

In the event that Angie can’t provide you the Wireless Extreme or Wired Extreme service within the indicated period, Angie will inform you accordingly and provide a new date for the actual delivery of the service.  Coupled with this is the so-called Risk-free Order, whereby Angie will return paid fees (if any) in case Angie can’t deliver the service, or Angie will provide a discount to you if the service will be delivered at a mutually agreed later date.

You can now also read Angie’s Project Books for Los Angeles and New York City, which lifts the veil about the company’s ambitious but achievable goals. Click here for the Project Books.

We offer 3 Internet-only options for the time being. (Ultra-HD) TV and Telephony bundle options will be offered from the end of 2017. 

Sign up now, risk-free, and become an Extreme Pioneer!

Wireless Extreme – Residential: $30,- p/m (incl. taxes) (information)

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Wireless Extreme – Home Office: $40,- p/m (incl. taxes) (information)

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Wired Extreme – Fiber Optic: $149,- p/m (incl. taxes) (information)

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