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  1. Wireless Extreme (rollout, technologies, etc.).
  2. Business and project developments of Angie in the USA and its other markets.

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Angie Announcements and Press Releases

Media Date Link
Blog FEATURED Hello, we are the world’s largest telecoms startup – Part 2: Further Reading Edition
Publication June 8, 2017 (Broadband World Forum) Virtual Reality-Primed 5G Networks Will be Made Mainstream by Consortium of Pioneering Tech Firms
Announcement June 6, 2017 Angie/IgniteNet MetroLinq 10G Omni (preliminary specs)
Publication May 25, 2017 Angie Wireless Extreme – Executive Summary
Publication May 24, 2017 Angie Wireless Extreme Q&A
Blog (status update) May 17, 2017 Historic Milestone (Rotterdam Edition) for Angie Wireless Extreme
Press Release May 16, 2017 World’s Most Disruptive ISP and Fibrolan Announce US$15 Million Financing Deal to Enable 5G Networks
Press Release May 11, 2017 Virtual Reality-Primed 5G Networks Already Made Possible by Consortium of Pioneering Tech Firms
Publication (5G) May 8, 2017 Blueprint for Building 5G Primed Fiber Backhauled Telecom Infrastructures: Angie Communications and its Technology Partners, Fibrolan, IgniteNet and Elva-1, Disrupting the Fiber, Wireless and ISP Industries
Announcement May 4, 2017 Angie is pleased to be Partner Sponsor of Broadband World Forum 2017
Publication April 28, 2017 Angie’s Project Books for New York and Los Angeles
Press Release April 18, 2017 Revolutionary IgniteNet mmwave Technology to Power Angie’s 10Gbps Wireless Extreme
Publication April 10, 2017 “Angie’s multi-purpose ultra-high-capacity networks: Small Cells, Gigabit Wireless Access, Smart Cities, IoT, and Fiber Backhaul
Publication March 15, 2017 “Building Ultra-Intelligent Cities” – Angie’s CEO in The Times’ Smart Cities special (page 13)
Press Release March 6, 2017 Dallas (Texas) Among First Cities Abandoned by Google Fiber to Get Unique Ultra-Intelligent Fiber Network
Press Release February 8, 2017 Cities Abandoned by Google Fiber are back in the Running to Become Gigabit Cities” Rollout
Press Release  December 22, 2016 Nationwide Rollout of 10 Gigabit Fiber and Wireless Gigabit: Angie’s Commoditization Strategy
Press Release  October 28 2016 Revolutionary 10 Gigabit Wireless Technology Lands Angie Communications as its Largest Buyer
Press Release  July 14, 2016 Los Angeles City to Become USA’s First Fully Functional Wireless Gigabit and Smart City
Press Release  July 13, 2016 Cities with Smart City Ambitions Can Now Opt for “Ultra-Intelligent City as a Service”
Press Release  June 29, 2016 Gigabit Services in USA, UK and the Netherlands set to be Launched 
Announcement  June 28, 2016  Angie Announces Fiber Agreement with California Utility
 Announcement  June 16, 2016 Angie Communications announces Agreement with California’s Wilcon