Update May 5, 2017: the first test results at one of the many upcoming 10-Gigabit hubs are in. Click here for the pics. 

Update May 11, 2017: Angie and its technology consortium partners published a 5G document and press release. 

Wireless Extreme will be rolled out nationwide in the USA in multiple phases:

  1. From April 2018 onwards, large parts of Columbus, Ohio and Dallas, Texas will be made ready for wireless Gigabit service.
  2. Over the course of 2018 and 2019, we will enter 85 additional cities (see link).
  3. By year end 2020, almost the entire USA will be “Extreme”.

We’ve selected LA City, New York City, Columbus, and Dallas as our first Wireless Extreme markets, but if you live or work in one of our 10,000 pre-approved buildings or areas (in 87 cities!), Angie can realize a Wired Extreme 10 Gigabit fiber optic connection (3 – 4 months lead time) to your building.

If you live or work in one of our 87 cities/markets, you can already sign up, risk-free. However, please, make sure you are comfortable with the rollout schedule.

Angie’s rollout strategy

  1. We enter your city as per the rollout schedule, focusing on bringing 10 Gigabit connectivity in on-net or near-net buildings, which simultaneously serve as Angie’s anchors for backhaul.
  2. We then realize wireless connectivity in those buildings and areas.
  3. When those buildings/areas are served, we start rolling out to the directly surrounding areas. This way you’ll be able to get a Wireless Extreme Gigabit connection within the announced periods.

In the map below, you can search for your zip code (e.g. 90210 for Beverly Hills) and then zoom in to see whether your building or neighborhood is a pre-approved Wired Extreme fibre zone. (Read more about the Wired Extreme service).

Read the FAQs Consumers for further general information and read this consortium document for further information about Wireless Extreme and the amazing technologies and applications behind it.