Blueprint for Building 5G Primed Fiber Backhauled Telecom Infrastructures

Angie Communications and its Technology Partners, Fibrolan, IgniteNet and Elva-1, Disrupting the Fiber, Wireless and ISP Industries (read the official joint consortium press release here)


Neal S. Lachman, Group CEO, Angie Communications (and team)
Shamir Stein, CEO, Fibrolan
Daniel Korneev, CTO, Elva-1
Harold Bledsoe, President, IgniteNet

(Update 28 July 2017: Angie has now also activated the world’s first residential building with a dedicated 10-Gigabit Fiber to the Home network – read the details here. The 5G Blueprint document will be updated shortly.)

May 8, 2017

Angie has gathered an amazing group of visionary and pioneering technology firms. These “Technology Partners” include Fibrolan, Elva-1 and IgniteNet. With their purpose-built and/or jointly developed technologies they help Angie with their respective pieces of the puzzle that is Angie’s grand plan for its upcoming dominance in the telecommunications industry.

It was easier said than done, but Angie and its Technology Partners did it. We are presenting the global plan for fiber-backhauled multi-purpose communications infrastructure that will allow 5G and even 6G mobile and wireless connectivity.

Since Saturday, May 6 2017, we officially went live as the world’s first 10-Gigabit non-enterprise ISP. We aren’t aware of any other ISP that delivers multi-Gigabit speeds to non-enterprise customers. In some previous 10-Gigabit pilots the throughput has been limited to 1 Gbps. In Angie’s current set up, we deliver multiple-Gigabit throughputs because we utilize 10-Gigabit (Fibrolan) switches. On Angie’s Wi-Fi access we have reached speeds of 328 Mbps up and 184 Mbps down (May 18, 2017)! Further testing and configuration will result in double speed results. For the impressive laptop results (of ~1 Gigabit up/down) please click here.

Phase 2 will be the launch of Angie’s Wireless Extreme service city-wide in many locations in many countries. But that’s for later.

The document we’re presenting now concerns the strategic deployment and technological model behind Angie’s plans, made possible with our great Technology Partners.

For the presentation (video) at the 10-Gigabit Hub launch, please watch here.

For the Blueprint, please click here. (Updated version now includes an Executive Summary: May 14, 2017).