Angie Extreme - Executive Summary

In order to meet the exponential growth in data and connectivity traffic, there is an urgent need for new telecommunications infrastructure that is capable of delivering true ultra-high-speed internet access services to households, businesses, and institutions that can handle all the emerging, internet-reliant applications and services – from 8K video streaming to High Definition Networked Virtual Reality.

The expert team at Angie Communications, the pioneers behind the Fiber-to-the-Home industry, is now rolling out their 5G-Primed infrastructure in multiple cities across the globe.

Problem Statement: With the anticipated explosive data and connectivity growth, current broadband access technologies will be unable to deliver the required performance and capacity. Industry analysts and operators are predicting a 1,000-fold increase of data traffic in the next few years with consumers and businesses increasingly using data-heavy networked applications at home, the workplace, and outdoors. Current and iterative technologies can not remotely fulfil the communication needs of this fast-approaching future that touches almost all vertical sectors – everything from 5G, Smart-Cities-as-a-Platform, Mobile Backhaul, IoT, and Connected-Everything, let alone the panacea of High Definition Networked Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality.

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